Deepest Yes

Deeper Purpose

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Dramatically increase your happiness and life satisfaction by going after the vision for your life you’ve always wanted.

It’s not too late to go after your dream. But one day it will be.

What have you always wanted to say YES! to?

Write a book or make a film? Start a blog or a magazine? Create a movement, foundation, or charity? Shift into a new career, break into a new industry or run a startup? Expand your company or create a new company culture? Open a gallery, shop or café? Run for office? Go after a promotion? Travel the world? Get up on stage and tell your story?

⇒ What would it be like to say a deep YES! to your vision?

⇒ What would it be like to know in your heart, mind and body that you can do this?

⇒ What would it be like to commit yourself fully, in spite of the fear you feel?

⇒ What would it be like to finally live the life you dream of?

Have you ever experienced that moment of clarity when you realize that if you don’t pursue your dream now, you probably never will?

Scary, isn’t it? Maybe part of you feels relieved, you can finally let go of this “dream” that’s been on the back burner for so long. But another part of you is screaming, because what you are about to turn your back on is your deepest desire. It’s the project, idea, business or career that’s been calling you, possibly since you were a child. It’s the fantasy that’s been driving all of the “what if” Inspirational quote by James Neil Hollingworth on earthy blue baquestions:

What if I had the courage?

What if I could be successful?

What if this is what I’m meant to be doing?

What if it’s not too late?


“Why don’t you just go for it?” It’s the question all your friends ask. But you don’t, because your life looks pretty good as it is. You make good money, get along with your co-workers, maybe even love aspects of your job; you’re comfortable. And to leave all of that to pursue your dream feels risky. It would require learning, developing new skills and capacities and trusting yourself in completely new ways. The dream feels really big, maybe too big. It’s easier to stay shackled with the golden handcuffs; easier to let the dream die. Or is it?

You have one shot, will you take it?

Imagine for a moment that you are lying on your deathbed. You’re looking back at your life and you begin thinking about this dream, idea or vision that you had but didn’t pursue–and now it really is too late. Take that in. Is there a sense of regret or of missed opportunity? Do you wish you’d had the courage to go after what you really wanted? Do you wish you had one more chance to change things? If so, this dream is not ready to die.

Now imagine that you’re looking back at a life where you successfully pursued your dream. You had the courage to take the leap, you stayed the course and saw it through. You reached out for help at the right time. You learned what you needed to know and developed the skills and capacities that made you successful. You shared your gift with the world in your unique way. Take a moment to just feel that sense of satisfaction you get from a life well lived.

If the prospect of pursuing your vision feels really scary, but so does the idea of letting it go, you aren’t alone. There are so many people just like you wrestling with this very question right now. But you can climb out of the rabbit hole of self-doubt and make your vision a reality–you simply need some help.

What beliefs are holding you back?Be You And Believe In Yourself

Your beliefs and excuses hold you back from realizing your greatest potential. Look at your life as it is now, what does it say about what you believe? Rooting out the beliefs that hold you back is one of the most important keys to your success. Your beliefs create the experience you have. They are at the core of your perspective–the lens through which you view yourself, the world and what’s possible. In order to have a new experience, or make a change, you must first believe that it’s possible. That’s actually the only belief you need to begin the path of achieving your goal. Look around, there are so many people going after what they deeply desire and being successful at it. You can too!

You are ready to say YES! to your Deeper Purpose if:
  • You have a specific idea or vision that is deeply aligned with your sense of purpose, even if you don’t know how to get there from here.
  • You know that if you don’t pursue this now, you might never, and that prospect breaks your heart.
  • You feel scared but also excited about what might be possible.
  • You feel a sense of urgency, like you’re running out of time or missing opportunities.
  • You are willing to commit the time, energy and resources necessary to see it through.
  • You are ready to ditch the “What if…” fantasy and go for it.
  • You know that to succeed, you need help staying focused, leveraging your strengths, busting your beliefs and breaking new ground.
  • You are ready to say a deep YES! to yourself, your life and your dream.
I can help you:
  • Commit and stay accountable to your vision and what is most important to you.
  • Uncover the beliefs, competing commitments and excuses that are holding you back.
  • Develop the new skills and capacities you need to be successful.
  • Leverage your strengths, experience and wisdom to see this through.
  • Set up the structures, support and resources to get it off the ground.
  • Take practical action and inspired steps toward your goal.
  • Mitigate risk by strategically planning your exit from your current situation.
  • Live your best, most authentic life.